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Il sogno sportivo di Matteo Polimeno

Matteo Polimeno, born in 1992, is a student-athlete, that in 2014, decided to further his sporting and academic career in the United States. He left the Italian university of which he was attending to pursue his dream of playing basketball. Matteo is still in the United States, pursuing a Master's degree at San Diego State University. The following article describes his experience as a Sportlinx360 athlete. 

College sports and cinema, the movies you cannot miss

Sports have always inspired Hollywood and the world of film making. There are hundreds of movies about sports and athletes and, believe or not, also about student-athletes and college sports. Many of these movies are also based on true events. We thought this could be a fun way of learing more about the American college system and what it means to become a student-athlete in the USA.


High School movies

Ready, set, go!

For our student-athletes August is not a month in which they think of holidays, sun and the beach but the time in which they pack, say goodbye to friends and family and get ready to cross the ocean to start their new life adventure in an American college.

Two for Trieste!

After the great presentation "at home" in Rome back in April, Sportlinx360 is determined to finish strong this academic year and continues presenting their project to those (students and their families) who are interested to know how to become a student-athlete in the USA and win an athletic scholarship.

Two to Florida A&M

Ailin Donati and Gaia Bellesi have many things in common: they both live in Italy, love to play volleyball, love to study and in a few weeks they will have one more! They both won a full athletic scholarship and will become part or the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University volleyball team located in Tallahassee, Florida.