Lacrosse Scholarships:

Often dubbed the "fastest sport in America", lacrosse has almost 30,000 student-athletes competing at the collegiate level. With an average of 35 players per men's team and 23 players per women's team, the opportunities to earn a scholarship are plentiful! The average scholarship award across all levels of the collegiate game is $5,221, meaning that if you have the desire to play at the next level, there is bound to be a scholarship for you!

Image result for lacrosse national championshipsLacrosse Season and More Info:

The lacrosse season is quite short, lasting only from February until May. However, the level of competition is quite high during these months. Typically, the biggest schools field the best teams in most sports but in lacrosse, smaller schools have the capability to become "giant killers". Famous small schools like Johns Hopkins or Bates College routinely have squads ranked in the "Top 25". The national tournaments for the respective levels in the collegiate game often demonstrate the best players the nation has to offer.



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