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Here you will find many of the colleges we have been working with in the past. Our network grows everyday and so do we!


Coaching in America

*Please note this service is meant for non US college coaches.

USA Volleyball Summer Experience

In partnership with VB Rags Volleyball Academy, the #1 Junior Volleyball Club in New Jersey, USA, we created a one of a kind summer program to allow international players to improve English skills, introduce them to the American culture and the life of a prospective student-athlete, while providing them with World Class Advanced Volleyball Training during a 3-week period.

How to win an athletic scholarship

Acquiring our services means start a process that will allow the correct evaluation of  the Prospective Student-Athlete (PSA)  in possibly becoming a Student-Athlete (SA) in an American institution and win an athletic scholarship.


Recruiting methodology

We believe college student-athletes (SA) are special. We believe so because we know how hard it is to become a college student-athlete and try to excel on the court and in the classroom. 

This is the main reason why we work with each prospect and his family as if they were a unique case (because they are). Each prospect and each family have a special story that need to be heard and understood before we can help the student achieve her goal of becoming a college student-athlete.

What do I need to know


First of all it is very important that you completely share this project with your child and that you are willing to help them, not only to understand how the american college system works, but also to help them out in preparing and filling out all the needed documentation. Having to take international tests will not be easy for your kid, specially if the results will not come in a timely manner. You should help your child decide which school to go to and many other decisions that will be key for their future.




During the first year of high school.



Your athletic scholarship during your second or third year and try for the TOEFL.



To take the SAT/ACT during your third year (or your fourth year if you are in a 5-year highschool system).

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