If you qualify as a Prospective Student Athlete then all you need to know is whether you can get an athletic and/or academic scholarship that will help you pay some or all the costs of attending a college in the USA.

You will need to:


It is called a PSA (Prospective Student-Athlete) the person intending to become a university student and defend the colors of his or her school  in one of the sports sponsored by the institution. From the moment in which the PSA is admitted into the university and into the college sporting system (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, etc.), he or she becomes officially a student-athlete (SA).


The term Recruiting refers to the process by which a coaching staff contacts and eventually invites a prospective student-athlete to be part of an athletic college team. Recruiting is a process, and as such, it takes time.

What are they

Athletic scholarships are given to those individuals who can demonstrate athletic abilities that could help a college team reach the goals set by the head coach and his or her coaching staff.